OPI is deeply rooted in the belief that the best investments are often times those closest to home.

Our Services

General Contracting

The greatest risk with any development or redevelopment project is directly related to the construction budget, schedule and execution. OPI focuses on minimizing such risks by leveraging best practices, technology and experience…


Our proven ability to evaluate, control and manage each step of the development process – from acquisition to entitlement – has resulted in our greatest successes in delivery, stabilization and return on investment…

Strategic Partnerships

OPI inherently recognizes the value in creating strategic alliances with third party land owners, civic leaders, investors, etc. which often times produces the ideal balance between thoughtful place making, neighborhood enrichment and investment performance…

Asset Management

OPI takes great pride in the projects we develop and build so naturally it makes sense we would want to ensure the long term success and viability of these investments well into the future…



Time and time again OPI has developed and built residential and commercial real estate projects that have generated positive returns for our investors and the community.


Our multi-faceted team has the experience, talent and desire to create world-class projects that are designed to stand the test of time.


At OPI our entire team is obsessed with what we do on a daily basis. It is this higher calling and unmatched passion that provides the energy that drives us forward and delivers high quality results.


Without reinventing the wheel, OPI constantly strives to apply creative solutions to the many challenges that arise during a development project. This ability to adapt, create and implement new strategies affords continued success in our evolving business.


We are in the people business. We develop projects with people and ultimately deliver spaces in which people live, work and play. Operating with the highest level of integrity, for us, is the only option.


We have focused our efforts in transitional neighborhoods connected to fixed guideway transit infrastructure – commonly referred to as Transit Oriented Development – which has acted as a catalyst for change for the neighborhoods and generated impressive returns.


Othello Station North

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